Nepenthes sanguinea, a highland species, is easy-to-grow and known for its vigorous growing. It is great for beginners and is a must have in every collection. In good lighting, its pitchers develop a very nice red-orange coloration and the pitchers can reach up to 12 inches in length! 

The item you are purchasing will be shipped bare-root with pitchers from 2-4 inches in length. Your plant will be similar in size to the plant pictured and the pitchers will be similar in color. This plant prefers bright filtered light and enjoys damp soil at all times. The ideal temperature range for this plant is 65 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit although, it can adjust to variations either way. It is important to know that Nepenthes do often drop pitchers in a new environment but will produce new pitchers as they adapt to their new home. 

Don't forget a heat pack from October –March to help ensure the safe arrival of your plant. We normally ship on Monday and Tuesday. If weather is extreme in either our state or to the destination state we may delay shipping for the safety of the plant. 

Tropical Pitcher Plant (N. sanguinea)


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