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Indiana Insectivores

Sharing Excitement and Giving Back!

Closed for winter!

Thank you ALL for a great 2019!  We've had so much fun sharing our passion with you and have enjoyed all of the conversations we've had this year at various shows and plants sales!!

See you in the Spring of 2020!

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Every sale will benefit wild populations of Carnivorous Plants


These plants have given us so much pleasure over the years that we want to do our part to promote their well-being in the wild.  We will donate a portion of every sale made through this site (5% on regular priced items ad 2% on sale items) and by our in-person sales (garden shows, club meetings, etc.) to an organization who's efforts make a positive impact on Carnivorous Plant habitat. 


In 2017 & 2018, we made a donation to The Nature Conservancy and TNC's Green Swamp preserve in Wilmington, NC to help protect the amazing Venus Flytrap and other Carnivorous Plants and unique wildlife found in the preserve! In 2019, we will again make a donation to TNC and TNC's Green Swamp Preserve to help protect the critical habitat that our native Carnivorous Plants require to survive!


We admit it; our space is very limited and our selection is small.  We are a home-based hobby business with the sole intention of having fun and sharing our passion and excitement for this amazing family of plants!

As with many of you, this all started with a single Venus Flytrap.  In our case, more than 25 years ago!  Many, many Carnivorous Plants later, we are just as passionate today as with that first plant.

We know you are excited, too! Take a look around, place an order or, just send us a question - we are happy to help and we love talking about Insectivorous Plants!

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