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Sparking Curiosity!

Science Classroom Giveaway

We know that in order to help protect these amazing plants in the wild and the habitat where they grow we have to ensure that every generation is aware of and excited about their existence! We want to provide Science Teachers an opportunity to bring these amazing plants to the classroom as an additional tool to educate students on their habitat and how Carnivorous Plants have adapted to survive in the bog habitat.
In the Spring of 2019, we will donate, free of charge, up to 5 Triple Threat Carnivorous Plant Collections to Indiana School Science Teachers who want to bring the excitement of Carnivorous Plants to the classroom.
For an opportunity to receive one of these kits for your classroom, please complete the form below no later than March 1, 2019.  The first 3 kits will be sent to the first 3 Science Teachers who apply.  The remaining 2 kits will be awarded from a raffle drawing.  All eligible entries after the first three submissions will be compiled after March 1, 2019 and placed in a drawing to be randomly selected.  Teachers will be notified that they have won via the email that was provided with the entry submission.
This Giveaway is for Indiana Science Teachers only.  No more than one kit per Science Teacher will be awarded.  Kits will be mailed between April 15 - April 30.  Kits will only be mailed to an Indiana school address.

Thank you! Form submitted!

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